Miss. Persona

Sun. Dec 6, 2020 at 1:00pm EST
All Ages
157 days away
25.00 CAD $ - 100.00 CAD $
All Ages
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157 days away
25.00 CAD $ - 100.00 CAD $
All Ages
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Please note that this event has been rescheduled from May 3rd, 2020 to December 6th, 2020 Thank you for your patience while we sorted this out.

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This Emmy-Nominated series is the #2 show in Canada for kids ages 2-11 and has over 2 million YouTube views! Through dress-up, magical songs, and imaginative play (and with the help of her bowtie-wearing, best friend Brandon Bear) Miss Persona teaches kids valuable lessons in problem-solving through her energetic live show!

Miss Persona is an industrious little lady with a big imagination. Her tippy-top number-one favourite activity in her tiny little world is to take care of the forest's creatures and look after every little thing, especially her best friend -- a loyal and shy teddy bear that loves bowties named Brandon who lives with her in her treehouse in the Fix-it-up Forest. Along the way, Miss Persona encounters tricky problems that she must then figure out how to solve. The good news is problems aren't a problem for this peppy problem-solver. Miss Persona sees problems as fun challenges. She likes to look at her problems from different perspectives, so it's a handy thing she has such a magical imagination. She's found a unique and super- fun way to solve problems: she dresses up and pretends she is the type of person who normally solves the type of problem she currently has. When she can't find Brandon during a game of hide-and-seek, she becomes a special investigator, or when she and Brandon find a robot that won't power up she becomes a mechanic. The possibilities are positively plentiful for Miss Persona's personas. Brandon also does his very best to lend a furry paw, usually dressing up and joining in on the fun. When Miss Persona solves her problem, she can't wait to log on and tell her friends all about her latest adventure.

Post-show MEET & GREET!

Right after each show, kids will have the opportunity to meet, chat, and take photos with Miss Persona herself! 



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The Historic Gayety Theatre 161 Hurontario St
Collingwood, ON L9Y 2M1
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